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Hi, I’m Corina! I'm an online lifestyle fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach - as well as the owner and CEO of ChooseYou Coaching!


My work background prior to online coaching includes nearly a decade of work in the fields of Abnormal Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, social work, and human services.


I first discovered my love for fitness and nutrition in 2014 after a life-altering event. I found refuge in the space and quickly learned how empowering and healing prioritizing my health could be.


Ever since, I've dedicated years to learning all I can about fitness and nutrition, starting with earning my personal training and nutrition coach certifications through NASM. Thereafter, obtaining my DLD-Online Fitness & Nutrition (DLD-OFNC) Cert, HMCC (Health Mindset Coaching Certification)... and we sure aren't stopping there!


When I built ChooseYou Coaching (formally known as FYCS Fitness), I did so with inner-work, mindset training, and behavior change as the foundation of my coaching philosophy. I believe long-term results and lasting lifestyle changes come from doing the proper inner-work needed for the unique YOU on a regular basis, Assisting my clients with this process is one of my absolute favorite parts of coaching, and what ultimately gets them the best results!

Yes, nutrition and workouts are very important... but you have to truly believe you are WORTHY of creating the change you desire in order to be successful. And with proper support and guidance, you can shift your beliefs & actions in ways that SERVE you indefinitely, instead of limit you.


It all starts with the decision to choose YOU. 

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As a ChooseYou client, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are

on a mission to build resilience, get out of their own way, and learn to love the PROCESS of reaching their goals! You are continuously supported to break up with your self-limiting beliefs... and will become empowered with the tools and skills needed to create the health, physique, and confidence you've always wanted!


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I have struggled with self-image and feeling comfortable in my own skin for years. I spent years trying all the fad diets and would have success and then just lose all my progress when I went back to my “normal” lifestyle. I was truly at a loss of what I was supposed to eat after all the yo-yo dieting. Cleanses, shake meal replacements, no carbs, low fat, intermittent fasting. After following Corina for a while on social media, I finally reached out to get some info and decided to give it a whirl. I’m eating more now consistently and am still seeing results. I’m learning that there’s no such thing as bad foods and it feels damn good to eat a dang bagel daily and not feel guilty. The support and community I have now with ChooseYOU has helped tremendously and I look forward to continuing this journey together.

- Randi Jo

For the first time in my life, I’m eating great portions of food, not feeling like I’m starving myself and everything is headed in the right direction! I can’t thank Corina enough for teaching me and providing me with the right resources to succeed. If you want something bad enough YOU have to work for it. 

- Erin

Starting with Corina was different from all the other things I tried. I was in a spot where I’m knocking on 30 and I wanted to build healthy habits for life. No "get fit quick" schemes. She let me know I would be stuck with her for a certain period of time. She would be there to encourage and support me through it all and that my ability to show up “imperfectly but consistently” is what it came down to. As someone who has never finished a 30-day anything, I was scared to make the commitment but I am so glad I did.

- Kourtney

5 months ago I decided I needed to make a big change. I was so over looking at myself in the mirror and thinking or speaking badly about my body. I took control of the situation by hiring Coach Corina which was hands down the best fitness decision I’ve ever made. Not only has she helped me tackle the right training program, she’s also taught me so much about nutrition and the importance of macros. Also, she’s a badass…I feel so much better in my own skin. I have more energy and I’m sleeping better. It’s amazing what changes when you show up for yourself. I can’t wait to see where I am in 5 more months. 

- Kait

"I've now worked one year with Corina, and time flys when you're healing your relationship with food and yourself amirite ladies   I can't thank Corina enough for everything she's done for me in this past year. Her hype alone gives me so much confidence in myself, not only in my body image but also at work and in my relationships. She has truly transformed me and my life in an extraordinary way that I never knew was possible. This has been one of the happiest and most productive years of my life, so full of happy memories that would've otherwise been clouded by my formerly toxic relationship with food/dieting. Corina is seriously one of THE most incredible humans I will ever meet; so genuinely caring about others, authentic, warm, and HILARIOUS. Legit in tears as I type this, there are no words to describe how thankful I feel. I am so glad I reached out to "my sister's friend from college" after stalking her Instagram for months like a creep LMAO! That day legit goes down in history as the day I changed my life forever. "

- Lisa

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