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Welcome to ChooseYou Coaching, where you build resilience, get out of your own way, and learn to love the PROCESS of reaching your goals!


Get ready to say BUH-BYE to your self limiting beliefs... and HELLO to becoming empowered with the tools and skills needed to create the health, physique, and confidence you've always wanted!


meet corina

Hi, I’m Corina! I'm an online lifestyle fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach - as well as the owner and CEO of ChooseYou Coaching!


My work background prior to online coaching includes nearly a decade of work in the fields of Abnormal Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, social work, and human services.


I first discovered my love for fitness and nutrition in 2014 after a life-altering event. I found refuge in the space and quickly learned how empowering and healing prioritizing my health could be.


Ever since, I've dedicated years to learning all I can about fitness and nutrition, starting with earning my personal training and nutrition coach certifications through NASM. Thereafter, obtaining my DLD-Online Fitness & Nutrition (DLD-OFNC) Cert, HMCC (Health Mindset Coaching Certification)... and we sure aren't stopping there!


When I built ChooseYou Coaching (formally known as FYCS Fitness), I did so with inner-work, mindset training, and behavior change as the foundation of my coaching philosophy. I believe long-term results and lasting lifestyle changes come from doing the proper inner-work needed for the unique YOU on a regular basis, Assisting my clients with this process is one of my absolute favorite parts of coaching, and what ultimately gets them the best results!

Yes, nutrition and workouts are very important... but you have to truly believe you are WORTHY of creating the change you desire in order to be successful. And with proper support and guidance, you can shift your beliefs & actions in ways that SERVE you indefinitely, instead of limit you.


It all starts with the decision to choose YOU.

- corina


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Meet the Brand

Created by Corina Lugo, ChooseYou is lifestyle fitness coaching aimed at empowering clients to develop the mindset, confidence, and future they desire.

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Life is tough, but so are you. We recognize the hardships our community has endured while we celebrate their strength and commitment to continue showing up for themselves.

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Channeling dedication over motivation. CYC is not a quick fix or a 30-day challenge. Here, we progressively build a sustainable LIFESTYLE that works for YOU! Lasting change requires lasting commitment.

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We celebrate each victory, each effort, and each comeback. We accept our community wherever they are in their journey, celebrating their choice to CHOOSE themselves.

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Digging deep! Honesty and authenticity are important pieces of the personal development puzzle. We show up exactly as we are, continuously look inward, and welcome all opportunities to grow.

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